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Bringing practical concepts from psychotherapy in one app.

Microshft is a swedish mental health platform which that helps people shift into a reflective state and make a habit of doing more of what matters most.

Our goal was to create the solution users love and need. The way to make it is to be more flexible and iterate.

Such approach allowed us to create and release 1 version of the product within 2 months, which includes 2 weeks of the discovery phase and 1 and a half month of product development.

Roman Jasins - Co-Founder & CEO at Microshift

Roman Jasins - Co-Founder & CEO at Microshift

“Our partnership was good: I appreciate engineering, quality of design and product user side”

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Microshift platform launched successfully in July 2022. Right now Microshift is growing organically and planning to receive the next round for growth.

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