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Bringing all functions for complete student health in one platform.

Allbry is a swedish telemedicine company aiming to make mental health support for young people accessible, providing a complete digital platform for student health teams and students.

We worked with Allbry on all stages of the product development: from ideas generation to product launch. In our work we used user-centric approach to provide all parties with engaging and valuable experiences.

At the end we’ve built and launched two mobile & web apps which are focused on user values and able to scale fast.

Haris Sejdik - CTO & Co-Founder Allbry

Haris Sejdik - CTO & Co-Founder Allbry

“Their work was phenomenal, our team & the end customer love it. They dedicated themselves to the processes and come up with ideas rather than just develop an application for our requirements.“

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Allbry platform launched successfully in May 2022. Right now they have 87 schools, which means that we already impacted almost 10,000 students in Sweden, and it’s continuing to grow.

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